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Where can I buy gift vouchers of BAVET?
What are the opening hours?
What payments methods are accepted?
Are dogs (or other animals) allowed in the restaurants?
Can we just have a drink at BAVET?
Is your restaurant accessible for people in a wheelchair?
Is BAVET child friendly?
Are there any job openings at BAVET?

About the Menu

Where do I find more information about the allergens?
Are there any vegetarian or vegan options?
Do you have delivery or take-out options?


Where can I make a reservation?

Saucial Club

What is The Saucial Club App?
How does this Saucial Club App work?
How to access this awesome application?
Is the Saucial Club App free?
Can I also get B-Points with an online order (delivery)?
How are my purchases taken into account in The Saucial Club App?
Is there a limit to the amount of purchases that can be made on The Saucial Club App?
How many B-Points will I receive per euro spent?
How many times a day can I collect B-Points?
After how long are my B-Points cancelled?
What can I exchange my B-Points for?
Can I use 'free product' benefit more than once?
Does The Saucial Club App also work in BAVET Kiosk (Leuven)?