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BAVET. A feeling. An experience. Made for friends.  

You know who we are, what we offer, and what we stand for.  

You don’t? Please go back to the homepage, friend, we’ll welcome you back here when you’re done. 😉  

Anyway! Do you know who our founder is and how we grew into our collection of 17 restaurants in less than ten years? Come along on our crazy ride and find out!

Our story

Peter Van Praet has a crazy idea. What if…

… We walk the talk! We open our first BAVET in Ghent: Muinkkaai! #1

Did you know that Peter was tapping beers and serving spaghetti too, in the beginning? Talk about CEOne-of-us!

Another fun fact: the ‘muse’ of this location, Eadweard Muybridge, has the same birthday as Peter! Eadweard who? Muse? Go check it all out on our restaurant pages! We call it Storytelling with a big ‘S’.


BAVET Verlorenkost, our second location in Ghent, sees the light of day. #2

We’re opening in Leuven at Tiensestraat: our first venture outside of Ghent! #3

This year also marks the first deliveries of our saucy goodness via Take Eat Easy!

Rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ woohoo!

We’re opening three more BAVET locations in one year:

Nationalestraat and Van Schoonbekeplein in Antwerp (#4 & #5), and the a-mazing Place St. Catherine in Brussels. #6

Toot toot, our very first food truck enters the chat!

Okay, whew, time for a breather!

… Or at least a little. We do open another restaurant in Brussels on Chaussée de Boondael. #7

Back to business!

This year we are starting up three new restaurants in just three (!) months’ time!

Introducing: Hooiaard, the third BAVET in our hometown Ghent! #8 Also on the list: Simon Stevinplein in Bruges (#9), and a third BAVET in Brussels, in Rue du Bailli (#10).

Hello COVID…

Party time, though, because BAVET turns 5! How do we celebrate? By rebranding!
And you know us, we continue opening more restaurants because…why not?

BAVET Maastricht and BAVET Liege join the club! #11 & #12

Well. In all honesty, we had envisioned a year of recovery. ‘Alas.

Instead, we have to go down the delivery-only path in the first five months of the year #LockdownSchmockdown.

However, we do get to open even more new restaurants, in Mechelen, Hasselt, and Kortrijk. (#13, #14 & #15)

Moreover, we jumpstart our first BAVET Kiosk (#16) in Leuven and revamp the Verlorenkost location in Ghent. We also change venues in Leuven, but we don’t abandon the Tiensestraat, we just cross the street!

Finally, we are moving to our new HQ in Sint-Martens-Latem. #TeamSaysYAY!

Let’s go to the beach-each

There is one major opening: Ostend! #17 The Queen of the Belgian coast, if you ask us.

Unfortunately, we also deal with our first closing – Maastricht: it’s goodbye, not farewell. #16

In better news: we now have our first collab happening, with none less than Nick Bril! (The Jane**)

We revamp three of our locations as well: Van Schoonbekeplein, Boondael, and Muinkkaai. When it comes to creating the right vibe, we spare no expense.

What have we done so far this year…

We’ve opened our first restaurant in Sint-Martens-Latem! #17
If this works, we’ll be looking into more roadside restaurants, so stay tuned!

Our BAVET Camionet will be coming to festivals! Hellooooo summertime!
Same here: keep an eye on our saucials to know more.

Spoiler alert: Hoppefesten is just one of the many, many cool places where we’ll be…

  • Throughout the years, we’ve been so lucky as to open up our kitchens and hearts to many a Baveteer. To say that they are the true heart and soul of this company is a severe understatement. BAVET wouldn’t be BAVET without them.
  • We already mentioned BAVET Camionet but there’s more! In fact, our sub brands have turned it into a collection of their own by now. We’re proud to present BAVET Gazet, Carpet, Bicyclet and Kiosk.
  • In the spirit of social impact and because we’ll always put people first, we’re sponsoring the Kom Op Tegen Kanker-event (Fight Against Cancer). Be sure to check our BAVET Camionet out there and come reward yourself with a hot, steaming bowl of spaghetti after your social run!

Lastly, you know the drill: we keep opening new restaurants! Who knows, maybe the next one will be just around the corner from you… Keep you posted!


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